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Peter Baffoe: 2018 election candidate for Southwark Council, North Walworth ward

Southwark Council electionsThis Thursday (3rd May 2018)PETER BAFFOE for NORTH WALWORTHPeter Baffoe is #Southwark born and bred. He works as a community development officer for a small charity based in Bermondsey. He is husband to Winnie and they have three "adorable" children. Having grown up in the borough, through his work in a local charity and role as governor at a Southwark primary school, Peter sees the impact of decisions made by the government and local council on the vulnerable, young and old. He has witnessed the positive development in Southwark, but believes more sustainable and equitable approaches are required in matters which impact our communities such as housing, employment, education, recreation and the environment. - Peter's full bio and news archive: Follow Peter on Twitter at in #NorthWalworth have three votes. Peter Baffoe is standing for the Greens alongside Guy Mannes-Abbott and Lina Usma. - WARD DO I LIVE IN? Postcode search at CAN VOTE? All British, European Union and Commonwealth citizens who are registered to vote. WHEN CAN I VOTE? On Thursday (3rd May), between 7am and 10pm.WHERE DO I VOTE? At your allocated polling station. Enter your postcode at DO I NEED TO VOTE? Just turn up at your polling station. Give them your name and address. You don't need your polling card, nor any other ID.#SouthwarkCouncil #Walworth #LE18

Posted by Walworth Green Party on Monday, April 9, 2018
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